Thu. Oct 17th, 2019

4 Great Auto Safety Tips

I want to give you some great tips on auto safety which i hope will help you avoid any mishaps in the future, When it comes to auto safety I would like to stress that when you are a safer driver its not just yourself that benefits but also the ones that you love, And the general public as well. OK time for me to get off my podium and give you something you can use.

Auto safety tip # 1 Well this one is something we all need to do at some point in our auto ownership, And in my opinion the single most important item in auto safety and that is your tires. Now it seems that most people think any new tire is better then the old ones they had but this is simply not true,When your looking at new tire’s you might think a good value is a tire that has a high millage wear, But the high millage wear tire’s are generally made of a harder rubber compound and this can be detrimental to your traction, The harder the rubber the less traction they get. I would suggest a softer rubber tire, It will get better traction in all situations, Ice, Rain, Snow, And dry pavement. Now yes they will wear out faster but if you consider this one item is the first and only direct contact your auto has with the road, Then it is not a question on it’s effect on your auto safety.

Auto safety tip # 2 Keep your foot area clean, Now i know this sounds silly but when i used to do auto detailing I always found items on the floor around the drivers area and under the seat. Those items can roll around and get trapped under the brake pedal or accelerator and really get you in trouble.

Auto safety tip # 3 Now i don’t recommend eating or drinking while driving, But i also am realistic and know that it is going to happen, So i would like to say if you do eat or drink while driving then make sure you have a strong covered lid on your drinks, And also make sure to secure the eating items before taking to the road.

Auto safety tip # 4 Always have a safety kit with you, Now there are several items you may want to include such as but not limited to a Small tool kit, Road flares, Blanket, Medical kit, Emergency cell phone, Jumper cables, Pen and paper, And i would also like to recommend a couple of energy bars or long lasting food items.

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