Thu. Oct 17th, 2019

Government Auto-Auctions – Your Best Choice For the Best Vehicles!

In an earlier article I described and explained to you about the public auto-auction. I explained that the public auto-auction is an excellent alternative to the auto-dealership because of the price, availability and selection of these vehicles. But now there is an even better alternative to the public auto-auction. The Government Auto-Auction.

The Government Auto-Auction is an even better alternative to the public auto-auction because of the selection of vehicles there. In addition to the various seized vehicles at these auctions, you also have a numerous amount of used government vehicles. And I use the term”used ” loosely. To the government, two years is considered used. That means, on top of being well maintained vehicles, they also have the added benefit of having a whole lot less miles than the same car that you might find at the public auto-auction.

In addition to the standard government vehicle, you also have the vehicle that your local street pharmacist was driving before he, uh went on vacation! That Mercedes-Benz or other high-end luxury automobile that you were eyeing is most likely to be offered up at the government auto-auction. I mean, you might as well buy that luxury car, he can’t drive it while he’s in jail, uh I mean, on vacation!

These government auto auctions are different in many ways from the public auto auctions because even the vehicles with high mileage have a full service history. In addition to that, all of the vehicles go through a complete vehicle service and inspection before the auction. Contrary to their public counterparts, government auction vehicles are well maintained throughout their short life in the fleet.

Think about it, throughout the government vehicles’ life, it is put through regular service maintenance. This is because every government entity has its very own vehicle maintenance department. And these vehicles are only in the fleet for an estimated 2 years before they are phased out and replaced with a brand new fleet of new vehicles. This is the same vehicle that is placed in the government auto-auction at a reduced price to you, the consumer!

So, you have a myriad of reasons to check out the government auto-auction, as opposed to not checking them out. These auctions are a well documented way to get your hands on a well-maintained, reliable government vehicle.

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